Psychology Tactics Used By JT Foxx to Sell $250,000+ At Free Seminars


He describes himself as the world’s #1 wealth and business coach. JT Foxx is a Canadian born American businessman and trainer.


In less than 2 hours, JT Foxx creates a perception of authority that would rival the top experts and celebrities in the world.

Subtle Tricks to Control The Minds of His Audience Members

Now I’ve covered the most important tactic used by JT Foxx in his seminars. But during the seminar, he employs far more psychological tricks to persuade the audience to think, how he wants them to think. Moving them towards purchasing his training.

Overcoming Audience Scepticism

Quite early in the presentation, JT Foxx asks the audience who is skeptical about him. He understands that naturally there will be people in the audience who are going to be skeptical towards any ‘guru’ including himself. He also understands that as long as people are skeptical, they are going to be much less receptive to his messages and this is something he needs to overcome.

Priming The Audience to Desire Coaching

JT Foxx is a coach and he sells coaching products an services. But he understands there will be a lot of people who aren’t convinced they need coaching or that coaching would work for them.

  1. Coaching is what made him a genius
  2. Being coachable is something you can become

Overcoming Objections and Packaging It As Advice

Any smart salesperson or marketer understands the need to overcome the objections of potential buyers.

A Sneaky & Subtle Trick to Increase Perception of Authority

This one goes back to authority but I thought it’s worth its own section.

Capturing Attention Through ‘Edutainment’

JT Foxx understands that 7–8 hours is a long time to sit through a presentation. People certainly don’t want to sit through 7–8 hours of boring informational content.

Activating the Likeability Psychology Trigger

JT Foxx understands that people buy from people they like. There are multiple psychological triggers that can be used to increase your likeability and JT Foxx deploys several of them.

That’s Not All….

To avoid making this post too long, I’ll stop there. But what I’ve covered above is just a handful of the psychology tactics JT Foxx uses during his seminar.



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