Facebook Messenger Bots: Use Cases

If you’re thinking of using chatbots in your business, one of the first things you need to understand is the many ways chatbots can be used.

In any given business, there are usually at least several potential uses for chatbots. Knowing what’s possible with chatbots and how other businesses are already using them, will allow you to determine the best ways to deploy chatbots into your own business.

I’ve compiled a list of use cases for Facebook Messenger chatbots. This is far from being an extensive list of the possibilities. But these are all chatbots, which my agency All Chat Solutions has successfully developed for clients.

Project: College chatbot for prospect students
Objectives: Generate leads for the college recruitment team. Provide a 24/7 information and support channel for prospective students.

Summary: This Facebook Messenger chatbot was designed to provide prospective students with information for colleges and universities, including courses, enrolment information, scholarships, and student accommodation.

Users can access the chatbot from the college’s Facebook page or website and get instant information at any time of day. The chatbot can also be used as a support resource at expos and trade shows by using the Messenger scan code. This allows colleges to capture more leads from the expos they attend. It is also a more effective way to present information to potential students, as opposed to brochures and handouts that have traditionally been used at these expos.

A chatbot can provide personalized information for students based on their education history, nationality and course interests. For example, international students are provided with relevant information about the application process for international students.

Information collected from chatbot users can be passed on to the college recruitment team and synchronized with their CRM system. The recruitment team can follow up with users directly inside of Messenger or through other channels including phone and email if the user provides these details to the bot.

Project: Customer Loyalty Chatbot
Objectives: Increase repeat business and collect data
Demo: https://m.me/allchatsolutions?ref=w1775555

Summary: The customer loyalty program chatbot was designed to replace traditional non-digital loyalty programs. Bricks and mortar businesses are provided with a unique code, which customers can scan using the Facebook Messenger app.

When a customer scans this code, they automatically receive a message from the business on Facebook Messenger and have loyalty points credited to their account. Businesses can choose how many points are needed to receive a reward and what rewards to offer.

It’s also possible to add advanced features such as automated reminder messages to customers who have not made a recent purchase. For example, if a customer has not made a purchase in the past 60 days, they would receive an automated message through Facebook Messenger, inviting them to visit again.

Aside from driving increased repeat business, a customer loyalty program chatbot also allows businesses to collect important data about who their most loyal customers are, how often they visit, how much they are spending, etc..

The customer loyalty program is ideal for retailers, fitness centers, restaurants or health and beauty businesses.

Project: Restaurant and Café Ordering System
Objectives: Reduce customer wait times, increase repeat business, collect data Demo: https://m.me/allchatsolutions?ref=w2840652

Summary: This chatbot is designed primarily for coffee shops, cafés and takeaway restaurants. It allows customers to view the food and drink menu, place an order and pay for the order directly inside of Messenger. Customers can pay via credit card or purchase store credit to use for orders.

The chatbot allows users to select from multiple options and choose a time to collect their order. When an order is placed, the restaurant/cafe is instantly notified and provided with the details of the order.

The ordering system can be connected to a loyalty program, with customers able to collect loyalty points when placing an order through the chatbot or also via the scan code if ordering in store.

This bot can help increase convenience for customers, reduce queue times and also collect data about customer’s purchase habits.

Project: Chatbot for processing incoming leads
Objectives: Provide instant customer support, efficiently manage incoming leads, reduce workload for sales teams

Summary: This chatbot helps process online sales leads and customer inquiries. The chatbot allows users to book an appointment directly inside of Messenger or speak to a live agent if needed.

The chatbot can collect information from sales leads and automatically add this information to the business’ sales management software like Salesforce or other applications. If the user has a customer service inquiry and wishes to speak to a live agent, the conversation can be automatically be delegated to a staff member in the appropriate department who receives a notification and can then take over from the chatbot.

This bot is ideal for service-based businesses, such as consultants, painters, removalists and personal trainers.

Project: FAQ Chatbot
Objectives: Customer support and lead generation

Summary: A FAQ chatbot can be trained to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions using artificial intelligence and keyword recognition. Users receive quick responses and in cases where the chatbot is unable to answer a question, the user can be directed to a human support agent.

Project: Market research chatbot
Objectives: Collect data from customers to guide marketing and strategic business decisions

Summary: This chatbot can ask customers market research questions in order to collect important data for businesses. The data collected from the chatbot can be processed instantly inside a spreadsheet or other software if needed.

This data can also be used to personalize the chatbot experience for users if the business is also using chatbots for other purposes.

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